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Lighting Up Hatch Warren

November 2015

ticket printing in Baingstoke Having been based in Basingstoke for over 21 years, we often get involved in local events where we can and have recently had a lovely mention from the good people of Hatch Warren Community Centre having helped them out by printing a few thousand tickets for what promises to be a spectacular Fireworks event in Basingstoke.

If you are looking to arrange print for an event in Basingstoke, why not get in touch?

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New Substrate - New Possibilities

April 2014

Traditionally, if you wanted a product that was printed onto a synthetic substrate, the only option was to have it produced by either screen printing or by the Ultra Violet (UV) printing process.

Both of these methods of printing are quite time consuming and very expensive, so to produce limited small quantities was out of the question due to unit cost.

This has now changed with the introduction of an exclusive range of substrates suitable for the digital market. We have been working closely with a synthetic substrate manufacturer and can now offer a whole new range of finished printed items with a more durable finish.

The substrates are flexible, weather resistant are very durable, with high tear resistance (although they do tear when cut). We can also offer options with a low tack, easily removable adhesive or a permanent adhesive applied.

Weights come in a range of 80gsm up to 350gsm and are also available in a glass clear finish if required. The possible applications are endless and perfect for short-run marketing promotions. Here's some ideas:

  • Event Wrist Bands
  • Golf, Shooting Tournament Cards
  • Luggage Tags
  • Maps & Route Planners
  • External & Internal Signage
  • Recipe Cards
  • Sailing Log Books
  • Scuba Diving Record Cards
  • Plant Nursery Tags & Labels
  • Waterproof Notices & Posters
  • Window & Glass Graphics
  • Chiller Cabinet Stickers

Despite it's durable characteristics, the substrate has important product features which make it environmentally friendly.

The papers are FSC accredited, come from sustainable sources and the laminate has a built-in degradable agent, which triggers degradation into fine particles (which have no toxicity in landfill disposal) after 18 months.

If you would like to learn more about this material or have a project in mind that you think it would be suitable for, please get in touch.

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