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A handy guide to useful print-related information.

Sharing Our Knowledge Of Print

Printing has been around for hundreds of years and although the technology is changing rapidly, the principal guiding principles remain the same.

Quite simply, the more print knowledge you have, the more informed you can be when buying print.

Here's our contribution to some of our industry knowledge:

» Proof Enough: Proofing for Print

Understand the vital role that the print proofing process provides with our proofing for print reference guide.

» A Digital Print File Checklist

Avoid some of the common issues at the pre-press stage that get in the way of a trouble-free print job with our digital print file checklist.

» Print Quotes... What Questions To Ask

Get the most accurate price for your job by telling your printer exactly what you need with our guide to getting a print quote.

» Print Jargon Buster

Unsure of some of the jargon used within the print industry? Try our print glossary jargon buster.

» International Paper Sizes

A useful reference to the most common paper sizes used in the print industry.

» Got A Question For Us?

Is there any aspect of commercial litho or digital print - or any other print-related matter - that you’d like to know more about?

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